University Standard Parasites Prepared Glass Microscope Slides

University Standard Parasites Prepared Glass Microscope Slides

Dimensions: 1" x 3" (25.6mm x 75.2mm) Sample name is marked on each slide. Plastic slide storage box included Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standard The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right , Usually the left slide is blank ,we alos can put your company logo on the slides left . LOGO can be OEM .

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Parasites include protozoans such as the agents of malaria, sleeping sickness, and amoebic dysentery; animals such as hookworms, lice, mosquitoes, and vampire bats; fungi such as honey fungus and the agents of ringworm; and plants such as mistletoe, dodder, and the broomrapes. 

There are six major parasitic strategies of exploitation of animal hosts, namely parasitic castration, directly transmitted parasitism (by contact), trophically transmitted parasitism (by being eaten), vector-transmitted parasitism, parasitoidism, and micropredation.

Parasites reduce host fitness by general or specialised pathology, from parasitic castration to modification of host behaviour. Parasites increase their own fitness by exploiting hosts for resources necessary for their survival, in particular by feeding on them and by using intermediate (secondary) hosts to assist in their transmission from one definitive (primary) host to another. Although parasitism is often unambiguous, it is part of a spectrum of interactions between species, grading via parasitoidism into predation, through evolution into mutualism, and in some fungi, shading into being saprophytic.


This slide set is good for educational purpose for college,medical lab and hospital programs. Different kinds of slides include normal tissue; human pathological slides and so on ,which is used for medical science .


we have 2 types for package : wooden box & plastic box .


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