Human Histology Prepared Microscope Biological Specimen Slide For Microscope Accessories

Human Histology Prepared Microscope Biological Specimen Slide For Microscope Accessories

prepared slides of plants, insects and animal tissues Dimensions: 1" x 3" (25.6mm x 75.2mm) Sample name is marked on each slide. Plastic slide storage box included Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standard The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right , Usually the left slide is blank ,we alos can put your company logo on the slides left . LOGO can be OEM

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Human tissue slides are divided into two kinds: the human body normal tissue slides and human pathological tissue slides, including human body normal tissue contains most of the organizational structure of human body based on all the hospital appraisal and professional institutions .

Human tissue slides are mainly used in hospital and laboratory research, which have great effects on human tissue resistance and biological research, and greatly improve the success rate of human function and disease prevention

We have thousands types of microscope slides for choose , including the plant ,animal ,insect ,bacteria, microbes, cytology, genetics, human studies, pathology and so on . We are sure that we can meet your need .

95 types of human histology microscope slides catalog

human columnar epithelium

human tongue L.S(show internal structure)

human simple cuboidal epithelium

human esophagus C.S

human pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium

human stomach C.S

human simple pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium

human fundus C.S

human stratified spuamous epithelial

human small intestine C.S

human oral cavity epithelium W.M

human jejunum C.S

human blood smear (reye)

human duodemun C.S

human loose connective tissue W.M

human ileum C.S

human adipose tissues

human colon

human hyaline cartilage sec

human appendix

human fibro cartilage sec

human large intestine L.S

human elastic cartilage SEC

human parotid gland

human bone grinding W.M

human submandibular gland

human hard bone deashing C.S(thionins---bitter sour)

human salivary gland

human hard bone deashing L.S(thionins---bitter sour)

human liver

human finger(foot)L.S

human trachea C.S

human red bone marrow C.S

human trachea L.S

human smooth muscle teased preparation W.M

human lung

human smooth muscle

human sagilottis epiglottis

human bone muscle L.S /C.S

human kidney

human bone muscle L.S /C.S(HE)

human retrocaval ureter C.S

human bone L.S

human Kidney through cingulate cortex

human bone muscle teased preparation

human penis C.S

human myocardium

human testicle

human myocardium(HE)

human sperm smear

human spinal cord C.S

human epididymis

human myelinated nerve fiber C.S/C.S(HE)

human prostate gland

human myelinated nerve fiber C.S/C.S(silvering)

human vas deferens C.S

human tactile corpuscle

human glandula vesiculosa

human lamellated corpuscle

human penis

human brain (HE)

human ovary

human cerebellum(HE)

human corpus luteum

human brain (silvering)

human uterus (growth stage)

human cerebellum(silvering)

human uterus (secretory stage)

human heart (heart wall)

human uterine cervix

human heart

human common oviduct C.S

human heartvalves

human fallopian tube abdomen C.S

human middle artery and vein SEC

human vagina

human main artery

human embryo

human large veins

human eyelid

human lymph gland

human skin(show eccrine gland )

human spleen

human skin(show hair follicle )

human thymus gland

skin of human back

human lien

skin of human abdomen

human thyroid gland

human finger C.S

human adrenal gland

human finger(foot)C.S

human bile canaliculi

human skin(show stratum corneum)

human tooth grinding

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