Human Genetics Microscope Prepared Slides

human genetics microscope prepared slides 1. Product Introduction of the prepared microscope slides We are a professional manufacturer and distributor of science and educational supplies for primary schools, middle schools, colleges, hospitals or medical institutes. The slide was cut subtly...

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human genetics microscope prepared slides 

1. Product Introduction of the prepared microscope slides

We are a professional manufacturer and distributor of science and educational supplies for primary schools, middle schools, colleges, hospitals or medical institutes. The slide was cut subtly without any mark, break or constrict. There is no destruction of tissues or cells.The spread of tissues has clear bounds; they remain the original shape. Also the coloration for the tissues is obvious and clear.

Genetic microscope slides includes 3 kinds for choose : animal genetics ,plant genetics and human genetics, which are mainly animal and plant, and human genetics are mainly human chromosomal slides.

In this types , we have 2 basic box set which is a 25 pcs box set : 

1(d). Allium, root tips, l.s. showing all stages of mitosis 

2(e). Eschscholtzia, stigma, w.m. showing penetrating pollen 

3(e). Lilium, microspore mother cells, first division, leptotene to zygotene 

4(e). Lilium, first division, diakinesis to telophase 

5(f). Lilium, second division, interkinesis to tetrad stage 

6(f). Polytrichum, moss, archegonium, w.m. 7(f). Polytrichum, moss, archegonium, l.s. 

8(e). Spirogyra scalariform conjugation showing zygotes following conjugation 

9(d). Sea urchin, developing of eggs, w.m. of most stages up to pluteus 

10(f). Giant chromosomes from salivary gland of Chironomus, squash preparation stained for chromomeres 

11(f). Giant chromosomes, section 

12(e). Ascaris, fertilisation of eggs, t.s. 

13(f). Ascaris, male and female pronuclei, t.s. 

14(f). Ascaris, meiosis and early cleavage, t.s. 

15(e). Testis of crayfish, t.s. showing meiosis 

16(d). Testis of mouse, t.s. showing spermatogenesis 

17(d). Ovary of rabbit, l.s. showing follicles in various stages 

18(f). Embryology of fish, l.s. of embryo showing animal mitosis 

19(h). Chromosomes, human, female, of culture of peripheral blood 

20(i). Chromosomes, human, male, of culture of peripheral blood 

21(f). Drosophila genetics, adult wild type, w.m. 

22(f). Drosophila genetics, barr eye mutant, w.m.

 23(f). Drosophila genetics, brown eye mutant, w.m. 

24(f). Drosophila genetics, vestigial wing mutant, w.m. 

25(f). Drosophila genetics, white eye mutant, w.m



2. Product Parameter(Specification) of the prepared microscope slides

Microscope slids 7101 : 25.4x72.9x1.5-2mm

The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right

Usually the left slide is blank

文字介绍252415.png 文字介绍252416.png

3. Product Feature And Application of the prepared microscope slides

This is a very nicely prepared microscope slides of biology which includes plant, animal, insects, microbes and so on. There are involved in histology, cytology ,genetics, pathology and so on. The prepared slides we offer are professionally hand mounted, accurately stained, and individually labeled. Our microscope slides are great for students of all ages, from home-schoolers to college students looking for an excellent introduction to microscopy. The prepared slides give you the most diverse possible biological selection. These slides are premium and machine cleaned giving a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine plastic box  / wooden box. The students can find a lot of fun from prepared slides. It is excellent for educational use and is perfect for all levels of student study including home school program. This slides set is brand new and has never been used, so your slides will be clean and free of scratches or damage. There is no risk of contamination from previous use.

A3-2 BIOGENETICS---Botany ---microspecimens


onion bulb epidermal cells W.M


onion roottip (show mitochondria)


C-banding of onion Chromomere W.M


N-banding of onion Chromomere W.M


G-banding of onion Chromomere W.M


corn pollen chamber meiosis (12pieces)


Oryza sativa pollen chamber meiosis (12pieces)


onion pollen chamber meiosis (12pieces)


broad bean pollen chamber meiosis (12pieces)


plants meiosis


msms wheat pollen chamber C.S


Sterile wheat pollen chamber C.S


msms wheat pollen chamber whole W.M


Sterile wheat pollen chamber whole W.M


onion haploid W.M


onion dipoloidW.M


onion tetraploid W.M


corn haploid W.M

A3-3 BIOGENETICS---ANIMAL---microspecimens


dorsal ganglion cells SMEAR


mouse sperms smear


spinal ganglion(silvering)


liver(show mitochondria)


liver(show glycogen )


liver (show DNA)(feulen)


uterus of horse Roundworms (show centrosomes)


animal cells karyokinesis(horse Roundworms)


spinal cord C.S(show Nissl body)


Paramecium caudatum amitosis W.M(HE)


Animal cells meiosis(Acridoidea)


horse Roundworms meiosis


X-chromatin W.M of human


mouse Chromomere W.M(Giemsa banding)


salivary gland chromosome of mosquito W.M


salivary gland chromosome of Drosophila W.M


normal man chromosome W.M


normal woman chromosome W.M


G-banding of human chromosome (female)


G-banding of human chromosome (male)


R-banding of human chromosome (male)


C-banding of human chromosome (male)


human chromosome (SILVERING )w.m


Human chromosome 21 trisomy W.M


Human chromosome 18 trisomy W.M


Human chromosome 13 trisomy W.M


type XXY human chromosome W.M


type XO human chromosome W.M


type XYY human chromosome W.M


Rabbit chomosome W.M


Wistar rat chomosome W.M

4. Packing & Delivery

Packing : The slides can be put in the plastic box / wooden box

Plastic box : 15 / 25 / 30 / 50 / 100 pieces

Wooden box : 25 / 50 / 100  pieces

Carton will be according your quantity.

Delivery : FOB to shanghai / Shenzhen in China.

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Please contact with me for more detailed information about the package.

5. FAQ

1- How many types do you have ?

 Dear Sir/Madam, we have thousands types in normal tissue; human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi, mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.

2- Why do you quote so late /Why do you need so long time when quotation ?

Because the prepared microscope slides have different names in different areas. We need more time to check the types of your need with our catalog, in order to send the correct types to you.

3- Can I print the label on the slides  or on the package box ?

Yes, we can add your 1 color Logo on the slides or on the package box. The label size : 22x22mm.

4- Why is the MOQ 50 pieces/types ?

Dear, the  MOQ is 30 ,50,100 which is according to your need. But 50 pieces/types is much higher cost performance, You must take care of the freight for your order.

6. Company & Lab

English Name :Xinxiang Yuan hang Teaching Equipment Co , Ltd.

Alibaba Name :  Xinxiang City Voyage Teaching Equipment Co, Ltd

CEO : Yongchao Ma

Tel:  ( + 86 ) 0373-5796859

WhatsApp: +86 18625951525 Yongchao Ma

                   +86 18224550344 Liang Yu






Microscope Slice Lab Office

Our company have their own independent factory and advanced laboratory, independent perfect packaging and fast mode of transportation. Welcome customers to visit and custom products all over the world.


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