Lab Specimens Set 100pcs Prepared Microscope Glass Slides For Biology Education

Lab Specimens Set 100pcs Prepared Microscope Glass Slides For Biology Education

100pc prepared slides of plants, insects and animal tissues Dimensions: 1" x 3" (25.6mm x 75.2mm) Sample name is marked on each slide. Plastic slide storage box included Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standard The label on the slides : 22x22mm on the right , Usually the left slide is blank ,we alos can put your company logo on the slides left . LOGO can be OEM

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We have thousands types of microscope slides for choose , including the plant ,animal ,insect ,bacteria, microbes, cytology, genetics, human studies, pathology and so on . We are sure that we can meet your need .


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1- How many types do you have ?
Dear Sir/Madam, we have thousands types in normal tissue;human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi,mosses and ferns plant slides; botany and zoology slides; animal histology and embryology slides.

2- Why do you quote so late /Why do you need so long time when quotation ?
Because the prepared microscope slides have different names in different areas . We need more time to check the types of your need with our catalog ,in order to send the correct types to you .

3-Can I print the label on the slides or on the package box ?
Yes , we can add your 1 color Logo on the slides or on the package box . The label size : 22x22mm

4- Why is the MOQ 50 pieces/types ?
Dear ,the MOQ is 30 ,50,100 which is according to your need . But 50 pieces/types is much higher cost performance ,You must take care of the freight for your order .

100 types of Animal catalog in Box 200
3浮游生物卵planktonic   egg
4海绵骨针装片Spincule   of Spongia W.M
5蛙肺frog   lungs
6水螅纵切Hydra   T.S
7水螅横切Hydra   C.S
8涡虫切片Planaria   C.S
9蚯蚓横切Earthworm   C.S
10绦虫卵装片Eggs   of Taenia solium  W.M
11绦虫切片Taenia   Pisiformis Section
12蛔虫卵装片Ascarid   Egg W.M
13蛔虫切片Ascaris   C.S
14雌性蚊装片Mosquito-Female   W.M
15雄蚊子装片Mosquito   - Male W.M
16蚊子幼虫装片Mosquito   Larva W.M
17叶若虫横切Nymph   T.S
18水蛭横切Hirudo T.S
19附睾切片epididymis   C.S
20雌性果蝇装片Drosophila   - Female W.M
21雄性果蝇装片Drosophila   - Male W.M
22果蝇幼虫装片Drosophila   - Larva W.M
23鱼鳞装片Fish   Scales W.M
24鸟皮切片bird   skin
25鱼鳃横切Fish   gill C.S
26鱼精巢切片Testis of  Fish T.S
27鱼卵巢切片Ovary of Fish T.S
28蛙卵单细胞Simple-cell   of egg of Frog Sec.
29蛙表皮细胞切片Frog   Epidermic Cell Section
30家蝇腿装片House   Fly Leg W.M
31蜜蜂工作足装片Honeybee   Worker Leg-Composite W.M
32蝗虫触角装片Antenna   of Grasshopper W.M
33蜜蜂触角装片Antenna   of Honeybee W.M
34蝴蝶触角Antenna   of butterfly W.M
35蚊子口器装片Mosquito   Mouth Parts W.M
36蜜蜂口器装片Honeybee   Mouth Parts W.M
37家蝇口器装片Housefly   Mouth Parts W.M
38蚊子翅膀装片Mosquito   Wings W.M
39家蝇翅装片House   Fly Wing W.M
40蝴蝶翅膀装片Butterfly   Wings Ocales W.M
41蜻蜓翅膀装片Dragonfly   Wings W.M
42蜜蜂翅膀装片Honeybee   Wings W.M
43蝗虫翅膀装片Grasshoper Wing W.M
44蚂蚁装片Ant   W.M
45益虫装片beneficial   insect W.M
46颤蚓装片tubifex   W.M
47人毛发装片Human   Hair W.M
48正羽装片Feather   W.M
49绒羽装片Underfur  of    Bird W.M
50平滑肌分离装片Smooth   muscle islolated W.M
51平滑肌纵横切Smooth   Muscle  L.S&C.S
52骨骼肌横切Skeletal   Muscle C.S
53心肌纵切Cardiac   Muscle L.S
54人口腔上皮细胞Human   Cell Mucus Membrane Smear
55致密结缔组织切片Dense   Connective Tissue Section
56输精管切片vas   deferens C.S
57立方上皮切片Cuboidal   Epithelium Section
58纤毛上皮切片Ciliated   Epithelium Section
59脂肪细胞切片        Adipose   Cell Section
60食道横切Oesophagus   T.S
61胃切片Stomach   Section
62小肠切片Small   Intestine Section
63大肠切片Rectum   C.S
64肺切片Lung   of Rabbit Section
65气管横切Trachea   C.S
66肝切片Liver   Section
67肾切片 Kidney   Section
68脾切片Spleen   Section
69蛙胚单细胞frog   embryo-single cell
70淋巴结切片Lymph   Node Section
71兔肝切片rubbit   liver 
72膀胱切片Urinary   Bladder Section
73输尿管横切Ureter   C.S
74卵巢切片Ovary   Section
75精巢切片Testis   Section
76精子涂片Spermatozoa   Smear
77子宫切片Uterus   Sec.
78输卵管切片Oviduct   T.S
79蛙卵巢frog   ovary C.S
80舌纵切Tongue   L.S
81蛙蝌蚪横切tadpole   C.S
82鱼尾横切fish tailer C.S
83透明软骨切片Hyaline   Cartilage Section
84弹性软骨Elastic cartilage   sec.
85人血涂片Human   Blood Smear
86蛙血涂片Frog   Blood Smear
87鱼血涂片Fish   Blood Smear
88鸡血涂片Blood of Galus   domesticus Smear
89神经元装片neurons   W.M
90脊髓横切Spinal   Cord C.S
91神经干切片Nerves   trunk L.S
92动静脉横切Artery   and Vein C.S
93大动脉横切Arteriole   C.S
94大静脉横切Venae   Cavac C.S
95鼠血装片rat   blood smear
96人皮肤汗腺切片Human   Skin Sweat Gland Section
97鼠尾横切rat   tail C.S
98动物细胞有丝分裂Mitosis of animal   Sec.
99蝗虫精巢减数分裂切片Meiosis   of Grasshopper Sec.
100正常人染色体装片Chromosome   of human W.M

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