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Optical microscope and biological microscope What is the difference
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Optical microscope is a general term, biological microscope is one of them. Biological microscope is used to observe the biological sections, biological cells, bacteria and living tissue culture, fluid sedimentation observation and research, and can observe other transparent or translucent objects and powder, small particles and other objects.

Biological microscope observation from the sample placed in the position of the objective lens to distinguish between sub-biological microscope and inverted biological microscope.

Upright biological microscope was observed just below the objective lens sample. Main observation slice or slide on the sample. Inverted biological microscope Observe the object directly above the objective, the main object observed in the Petri dish.

Biological microscope for medical and health units, universities, research institutes for the observation of microorganisms, cells, bacteria, tissue culture, suspension, sediment, etc., but also continuous observation of cells, bacteria, etc. in the culture medium propagation division process . In cytology, parasitology, oncology, immunology, genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, botany and other fields widely used.