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How to use insect needles?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Insects usually pierce the needle into the chest straight into the center of the body. In order to ensure that the classification of important features are not damaged, and to make the same type of specimen production of standardized acupuncture beetle to avoid chest thoracolumbar fossa litter size, the needle puncture in the right wing sheath in front of the needle Just right through the middle foot and hind foot between. Pentatomidae and other Hemiptera insects, insect needles should be interspersed in the small scutellar slightly to the right, which not only protects the integrity of the scutellum, it will not damage the ventral beak and beak slot chest. Orthoptera insects, such as locusts, etc., to the insects needles inserted into the back of the chest back, back to the right side of the line, this will not undermine the classification of the characteristics of the integrity of the front and back panels and webs. Hymenoptera (bees ants, etc.) and Lepidoptera (butterflies, moths) insects, is inserted from the center, through the middle of the midrib foot through.

Short needles (double needles) are made by inserting a small triangular piece of paper (or a length of 10 mm matchstick) made of hard paper or transparencies into a long needle, 7.65 mm long and 1.8 mm wide. , And then a short needle on the 00th Triangle paper or match sticks (tip up), and finally insects inserted in the short needle. This method is designed for the production of tiny insects.

Another way to make insect specimens that do not need to spread wings is to insert a special small triangular paper on the insects' needles, then glue the transparent glue at the tip to stick the right side of the parasites to it.