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How to extend the life of the microscope?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

1, the conditions permit, it is recommended that your laboratory should have three anti-conditions: Earthquake (away from the source), moisture (using air conditioners, dryers), dust (as far as possible clean room operation); Power: 220V ± 10% , 50HZ; Temperature: 0 ° C-40 ° C.

2, focusing attention Do not make the objective lens hit the specimen, so as not to scratch the objective lens, use the oil mirror to wipe clean as soon as possible.

3, when the stage gasket hole center position away from the center of the objective lens do not switch the objective lens, so as not to scratch the objective lens.

4, the brightness adjustment should not suddenly big suddenly small, nor too bright, affecting the service life of the bulb, but also damage vision.

5, all (function) switch, action should be light, to be in place.

6, turn off the brightness to the minimum, so you can increase the life of the microscope bulb.

7, non-professionals do not adjust the lighting system (filament position lamp), so as not to affect the imaging quality, when you replace the lamp hand do not directly touch the bulb glass, so as to avoid uneven heating bulb, reduce life expectancy.

8, replace the halogen lamp should pay attention to high temperature, so as not to burn;

9, off when not in use, the objective lens through the focusing mechanism to adjust to the lowest state.

10, shut down when not in use, do not immediately cover the dust cover, to be cooled and then cover, pay attention to fire.